Apr 182012

All in a day’s work at East Midlands Fabrications

Paul Smith Penguin Front View

The great thing about working at East Midlands Fabrications is the never ending variety of products we make, or are involved in, for an array of different applications. One week we may be building an external staircase for one client or stainless steel balustrade for another and we then turn our hands to making a steel “Penguin”; yes Penguin! based on an Origami model for a fashion display in Italy. It all makes for a very interesting life……

We specialise in bespoke designer shop fittings to suit a range of budgets.

We welcome your enquiries.

If you have any matters you would like to discuss with us call us on 0115 986 1247, reply to this email or drop us a note on sales@east-midlands-fabrications.co.uk

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